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The Adventure Zone Amnesty Fanart

      This piece was done to test out material creation in Unreal Engine. I was inspired by the McElroy Brother's The Adventure Zone Amnesty and their description of a portal transporting people to a different realm in a flash of light. This piece was done completely in Unreal Engine apart from the rocks that I did in Zbrush and Substance Painter, the landscape was done using Gaea. All the tree and foliage assets were from Megascans, Foliage Pack, Meadow Environment Set, and Nature Package, all on the Unreal Marketplace.


As stated above this piece was all about experimenting with materials in Unreal Engine. I set up a completely procedural material to use on the landscape that would generate foliage from a list of foliage assets. Below is the material breakdown that was the focus of this project. Huge thanks to CG Dealers on YouTube since this technical art isn't something I do often but was hugely helpful in figuring out how to do this complex material.

Here are all the material functions that helped me build this completely procedural landscape material that auto-generates foliage assets depending on the camera position.

The idea behind this was to create a camera depth mask, everything inside a certain radius of the camera would be rendered with foliage while everything outside the radius would be rendered with textures but no foliage to optimize on space.

Building a slope mask would then determine the placement of certain tiling textures, depending on the angle of the terrain a different texture between, dirt, grass, rock and stone would appear. Different parameters were also set, depending on the texture applied foliage wouldn't grow there, for example stone and rock were unable to grow foliage while dirt and grass were able to.

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