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Cyberpunk Room


          For this project, I really wanted to do something I don't often do, make an environment that isn't horror. It was a big challenge not falling into horror lighting and I did fall into it for a while. While wanting to stay with the concept, I also wanted to tell my own story about the isolation I felt while working on it and I went off the concept as much as I felt justified to tell my own story, about my passions and isolation, that lead to this piece being what it is. For this project I used Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine.


Asset Zoo

Materials and Textures

          For texturing I used primarily Substance Painter, although I sculpted texture detail into assets using ZBrush and baking down the high poly meshes to get the detail while still having polygons to spare. Below is a workbench textures that is in the background on the scene. The idea that I wanted to bring across were oil spills, paint, metallic paint from a messy craftsman, whose craft is more metalwork than painting.

While this texture and material ultimately went unused I had a lot of fun designing a futuristic music streaming service and coming up with an album cover and band names. It was heavily inspired by my time playing in metalcore and deathmetal bands and as a little easter egg I put some of my favorite songs and artists into the album.

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