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Fall Cabin


     I used this piece as a stepping stone to try my hand in pre-rendered images as most of my time has been spent in realtime render engines for the past few years. For this piece I used Houdini, Maya, Vray, SpeedTree, Quixel Bridge and Substance Painter. I am responsible for all assets besides the log on the right side of the image, the ferns and clovers. For the leaves I used several atlases from Quixel Bridge and imported them into SpeedTree, then using the meshes I brought them into Houdini and scattered them around the scene. The trees were all done completely in SpeedTree using the same atlases for the leaves and a surfacing material for the bark. The cabin was done in Maya and most of the detail is brought in through displacement maps. 

Alpha Layer

I used the alpha layer to plan out my background, where I would need to photobash in elements in order to have the image feel complete. 

ZDepth Layer

The Zdepth layer was utilized to add some more distinction between the sperate trees. While I don't think that this was as accomplished as I would have liked it to be it did get the job done.

Material ID Layer

The material ID layer was extremely helpful in mass adjusting different elements of the image, specifically the leaves, that weren't as bright and vibrant as I would have liked them to be. This gave me a lot of control over the piece in post and greatly helped in producing the final image.

RGB Layer

This was the base layer I used for all my adjustments. I was only able to get myself halfway to the colors that I wanted in the final image with textures. Photoshop was super helpful in this process of creating the colors that I wanted to get out of this image.

HDRI Layer

This was the base of the background as well as the HDRI I used for lighting the scene. The HDRI was taken from HDRI Haven. 

Reflection Layer

The reflection layer is what I used primarily to amplify the effects that the leaves had with their subsurface scattering. 

Refraction Layer

While I didn't end up using the refraction layer I thought it was still important to show.

Final Image

This was the final image after editing the render image. I really wanted to bring out the reds and oranges of the leaves while saturating the whole image a bit more to match more with photos during the fall.

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